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Tel Aviv (May 20, 2013) The owner of world class label Electro Labs expands their services. A new press release writing service was created by the Electro Labs team. Artists and bands worldwide can now get professionally written press releases through this service. The company announced today that their new services are now available to the artists and bands around the world. The service was formed to meet the growing demand for artists and musicians that need professionally written promotional material. If you want a professional press release for your band contact them today. Professionally written press releases get noticed.


Over the last year Electro Labs has signed new artists and expended their services many times. Some of their more popular services are online music distribution, audio mastering services, bio writing services and press release writing services. The increasingly popular label has work countless hours to represent their signed artists and to work with artists that want to be represented by their label.


The Electro Labs label has been focusing on recruiting talented producers of high quality Electronic Dance Music from around the globe.  The company that has been signing talented artists and bands worldwide.