Short tutorial for anyone who uses FL STUDIO to get a cleaner mix

Fl studio is a nice entering point into electronic music production, but from our experience it has some problems with getting your levels right so the sound come out cleaner.

So we gathered a short tutorial for you to be able to check your mix with fl Studio:

  1. Stop the default limiter on the master channel. because even if it does not sound distorted, your channels probably distorted as hell.
  2. During your final mix move through all channels and check if it does not come out distorted. On each channel go through all effects starting from your synth and make sure it does not come out distorted (not more than 0db)
  3. You  should lower levels on the channels to make sure the master channel does not get distorted. ( this is the whole idea of a final mix )
  4. At the end when the mix sounds good. You should turn down the volume of the master channel by more or less 6 dB to leave room for the master process.

it is advisable to master your final mix with other software or better is to let someone who knows what he is doing to the master your track.

Good luck



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