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Who gets listed

How to get listed on beatportBeatport lists great artists that can guarantee that they will have consistently high sales on a regular basis. They rarely accept people who have their own labels.  Being signed to a label like Electro labs is important for several reasons. Getting the attention that you deserve for the hard work that you put into your amazing music is just one reason.

Though you could take on the financial and time costing burden of starting your own label; it is highly recommended you apply your effort to getting signed by an established label with connections to the industry. Electro Labs would be one way to forgo the hassle of doing it yourself.

Even if you are trying to get on Beatport through other distributors, that doesn’t mean that you will reach success on Beatport.  Beatport can and will likely reject your music if it doesn’t meet their standards. This is a benefit to all.

It will give you an incentive to produce better music and it protects the reputation of all of their artists and their site. Electrolabs is a great way to go to give you and your high quality Electronic dance music a chance to rise above the competition and speak for itself.

Beatports Quality control

Beatport Monitors the sales activity of its artists. If the sales drop below a predetermined price there is a chance that they will consider culling you from their numbers. Though this sounds like a bad thing, the upshot is that this culls your competition and the number of musicians and DJ’s that are looking for industry attention.

This gives you the opportunity to make your mark and get heard without the music seekers having to search for hours of music files that can’t compete with the best. Being signed by a label like Electro Labs will help you understand what it takes to compete in the online music market place.

Get Listed on Beatport

Beatport is a great way to market your music online and gain a following of regular music buyers that you might not yet have access to. Getting listed on beatport can be very difficult or very easy.With some planning and a good label, you greatly increase your chances to do so.

Having a reputable and reliable label like Electro Labs on your side handing all the details so you can keep your attention on your music where it should be, is a very smart move.

The Electro Labs family looks after its artists. Electro Labs success can only be gauged by the success of its artists. With your great music and a label like Electro Labs, you could be selling more hits to more people than ever before.

So what are you waiting for? Send us your demo and we will be happy to talk about getting your music on Beatport and many other EDM Stores



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