How to Promote Your Music Online

How to Promote Your Music Online

Music producers make music for fun and fulfillment, but to achieve that fulfillment one need to get feedback from other people.

Where would you get this feedback then? Yes you can let your friends and family listen to your music.

You can even invite all your neighbors to listen as well, but it probably won’t be enough as there usually not enough people surrounding you.

That’s exactly the reason why you should learn how to promote your music online.

For that reason I created a short list with few websites that let you stream your music online and promote it globally.

You can register to all of the above platforms for free, and if you think the extended use they offer worth your money, you can always upgrade for a paid plan.

How to Promote your Music online with free streaming platforms


Hot to promote your music with soundcloudSoundcloud is in my opinion still the biggest platform for you to share and promote your music online.

It is very simple to use. In few minutes it enables you to create an artist profile, upload your music and share it everywhere.

It also provide a great way to discover new music that other artists publish , communicate with them, like and share their music and they can do the same for you, that’s called networking, and networking is a great way to promote your own music


How to promote your music online with MixcloudMix cloud is another kind of platform, they do not accept single tracks, and they are dedicated to provide a place to promote your mixtapes and sets, great for artist that create mix tapes radio shows and record their DJ sets.




Hot to promote your music with BandcampWhat I love about Bandcamp is that you can edit the look of your artist profile page, you can easily change different elements of it and change the colors to match your artist persona.

Another great feature is the fact you can monetize your music, you actually can decide if you give your music for free or charge couple of dollars for it.



Hot to promote your music with youtubeYou probably know YouTube, the power of YouTube is in its size and exposure, almost everyone uses YouTube to discover and listen to new music.

What you need to do is start your new artist channel and upload your music videos to your channel. Then share it on every social network you are member of.

The secret on YouTube is to keep uploading quality videos and get these subscribers to follow you.

[alert-note]Tip 1 – I recommend utilizing all these and other platforms in your music promotion task to get the most exposure you can get.[/alert-note]

[alert-note]Tip 2 – I am a big believer in automation, so I would recommend learning about how you can automate some of these tasks so you can spend more time on creating music.[/alert-note]

[alert-note]Tip 3 – Do not forget sharing every track you upload on the different social platforms you use like Facebook, Twitter etc…[/alert-note]



Shlomo Man

Shlomo Man is an electronic music artist, music producer and graduate of the Yohav Gera Sound Engineering Academy in Israel.

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