Learn how to mix an EDM Song like a Pro! Udemy Course Review

Learn how to mix an EDM Song like a Pro! Udemy Course Review

If you are like me then you always look for ways to Improve your mixes & learn new techniques to take  your EDM mixes to the professional level.

it doesn’t matter if you produce house, trance, dubstep or any other sub genre of the EDM. there is always something to learn so you can improve your workflow and produce better music.

About the course:

Mixing EDM! course is a complete walk through of an EDM song the author mixed for a client. Not only will you get step by step videos showing you exactly how he mixed this song,

but by enrolling in this course you’ll also get the raw audio files that were used in the mix so you can practice along while he is teaching, which is an excellent way to expand your creativity and workflowwith EDM.

 In this course you’ll learn how to:

  • Setup a session for a great EDM workflow.
  • Tame and sculpt the low end of this song to keep the bass pumping and moving because as we all know in dance music the kick and the bass are just as important as the melody.
  • Use distortion and pitch shift effects to make your synths sound huge and powerful.
  • Use EQ and compression to give instruments and vocals their own sonic space in the mix. Use popular effects and their settings to get the right style of sound for this music, which is really really important.

On top of that all the author will be available to answer any questions you have about mixing electronic dance music.

With a community of over 1000 students and a ton of great reviews across all of their courses they promise a great learning experience.

On a final note if the class wasn’t a good fit, no worries, they have a 30 day hassle free money back guarantee!

So what are the requirements?

  • Basic understanding of Computer Recording
  • Basic understanding of Audio Signal Flow
  • Basic understanding of Equalization, Compression, Delay, and Reverb

What are you going to get from this course?

Over 25 years of experience and expertise from a professional recording studio that has serviced bands such as Akon, Ma$e, T-Pain, D12, Nico and Vinz, U2, Blink 182 and many many more.

who is the target audience?

Intermediate to advanced audio engineers and enthusiasts who want to learn industry standard mixing techniques and mixing secrets used by professional engineers on today’s hit records.

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Learn how to mix an EDM

About the author:

Over the last 10 years He had the opportunity to record and mix some of the best bands and artists in the business, including The Neighbourhood feat. Danny Brown, T-Pain, +44, Fallout Boy and Frankie J just to name a few. With the recent launch his website iSound Audio Engineering he is busier than ever but still enjoy helping new engineers and musicians learn the craft of recording and mixing.

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User Reviews:

I really enjoyed the workflow for this class. Its great to have the raw audio files and I learned some awesome techniques from Ian. You can tell this guy is a pro by the way he sets up and organizes the mix, not to mention that the end sound is awesome. Excited to finish up and take it again. I already feel like I’m much better! woo!Jeff Lukas

I’m just about finished and had to mention that Ian and Signature Sound have done an excellent job. So many techniques that I’m excited to use in my own mixes. Make sure you practice along and send your mix in, I did that for their other classes and got great feedback.” Simon McDermot


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Shlomo Man

Shlomo Man is an electronic music artist, music producer and graduate of the Yohav Gera Sound Engineering Academy in Israel.

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