News and Updates 04/20/2013

Just, here to update you on the latest hot news and upcoming releases at Electro Labs. Drop in anytime and find out what’s coming up.

So guys we just had an amazing 4 weeks and the release of two new hot tracks

Solokkhz – Spank Your Ass Single | Buy on Beatport

R2BEATZ – My Pet the brain wave Single | Buy on Beatport

I managed to get you a sneaky peek at what’s coming up in the next month. These tracks are just simply pure gold.

Take a listen and check them out.

Dhany – Grind Shoot – Single | release date: 5/5/2013

Dhany is an Electronic Music DJ & Producer a Native to the ReunionIsland bringing his own sounds to the floor. Combining both local and electronic music to have the end result  here.

SalaS – Subtle Self / Desdoblamiento Astral – Single | release date: 5/20/2013

SalaS AKA Norman SalaS   a DJ and a producer from Heredia, Costa Rica.

In this release Salas takes you through a journey between the hard tech sounds and the astral spiritual sounds.

Minuse One – Plain Stupid – Full Album | release date: 5/15/2013

Plain Stupid, produced in 2002 and since then has been lying in a garage   forgotten.

Sagi Cohen and Shlomo Man have found their master, Re-mastered it to the 2013 sound standards and are now releasing it through the Electro Labs Label.

Solokkhz      Spanning – EP  | release date: 5/25/2013

Solokkhz, emerging like the piper from the streets of Jerusalem,  leaving a trail on the dance floors.


[box type=”info” size=”large” style=”rounded” border=”full”]Have a demo you want Electro Labs to check out?[/box]

Solokkhz – Do the Swad remix contest

We are still accepting new submissions, so come on lets see some more entries coming in.

The 3 best remixes will win:

  • A release on the official Do The Swad Remixes EP on Beatport Itunes, Spotify & Co.
  •  Earn 50% net royalties from whatever their remix.
  • Your Artist, DJ, Producer -Screen-Name on the official release.
  • Promotion to media, blogs and music & entertainment related press and sites


If you want to start listening to what’s in so far and vote

These are the current submissions:

Roland Gaal Remix
Rolex Dj Remix
Blanx Remix
Paxel’s remix
Corroded Master Remix
Santy Corso Remix
$xmashh Remix


Electro Labs will soon be providing some new services including Mastering Services, Video Editing and Graphic design with some of the best professionals in the market.


We at Electro Labs love people input. After all it’s the people who listen to the music.

So if you want a guest spot on our  blog post and fancy dabbling your hand, you can contact us at



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