Surviving In Today’s Modern Music Industry

Being a musician in today’s music industry can be tough.

With technology taking over and people of all ages being discovered through the videos they post online, you may be struggling to get real gigs.

Singing in front of a camera is much different than singing in front of a live crowd.

Although, you may be camera shy, working with what you have, and what can potentially make your music dreams come true is vital.

Follow some of the tips below on surviving in today’s modern, yet challenging music industry.

Music Industry – Getting Started

You may have always loved music and sang your heart away, or you may just be getting started.

However, singing in front of your loved ones is much different than even singing in front of your friends.

As a musician, it can be a nerve building process to sing or even play an instrument in front of your friends, let alone complete strangers.

Thus, one of the very first things you should do is begin feeling comfortable when playing to your friends, and even people you don’t know.

This will help you build confidence and with confidence you can even start improving your skills.

Post Videos

Although, many people are camera shy, posting videos of yourself is really important if you want to excel and build a name for yourself.

The internet is flooded with people all around the world which gives you the opportunity to get thousands and even hundreds of thousands of views on your videos.

The more views you have the better chance of it going viral and potentially getting noticed by someone who can completely change your music career for the rest of your life.

However, when creating a video, it is important you show your face, as people want to see who they are listening to and as a solo artist you are a brand.

Record a Demo

This may be something that was done decades ago; however, it can be even more powerful today than ever.

Recording a demo of you and your band or just you individually and setting it up to be mailed out to record companies or even your favorite artist can really grab the attention of the receiver as many people don’t get mail that much anymore. Send a message along with the CD.

With these tips in mind, one of the most important things you should constantly keep in mind is that it takes time, and patience is the key to your success.

Robert runs his own music school. He teaches a variety of musical instruments, although his specialty consists of saxophone lessons and drum lessons.

Robert used to be a busy musician that was booked for an entire year. In his spare time, he loves attending concerts and travelling.



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