Vermona Kick Lancet Review and Demonstration

Vermona Kick Lancet Review and Demonstration

Faxi nadu looking at the Vermona Kick Lancet an analog kick drum synthesizer. Its features, quality of sound, overall value and opinion.

Vermona Kick Lancet product description:

Whenever the audience starts to tap their feet to the rhythm, swing their hips and happily nod their heads, your spark has ignited. Kick Lancet was developed for exactly this experience because every beat’s foundation is and has always been the bass drum!

Everyone kicks a little different

Because of this, we have treated Kick Lancet with an immense comprehensive sound engine. By using 16 controls, you can forge the sound of your bass drum playfully and effective to your liking and perfectly merge it into your tracks. In addition, we have designed all parameters with wide control ranges to allow creation of a broad spectrum of percussive sounds. Kick Lancet is not just the ideal foundation for rousing rhythms but also an outstanding expansion for any drum computer.

Cause and effect

To be able to use Kick Lancet as flexible as possible, we have implemented different trigger mechanisms. Besides MIDI, there are three analogue inputs for audio-, gate- and switch-sound-triggering.

Kick Lancet is a reliable specialist providing your groovy rhythms with additional punch and kick, tight and firm or lush and supporting.

Check out some of the Vermona Kick Lancet demos



Faxi Nadu

Yaron Eshkar is a sonic junkie and modular synthesis aficionado and teacher producing electronic music as Faxi Nadu and as a member of Ocean Star Empire. Yaron also designs plugins, sample packs, sounds and other tools as the co-owner of Ocean Swift Synthesis.

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