What does a music producer do?

What does a music producer do?

Many people ask me what does a music producer do? so i thought it is time to explain that.

A music producer is a person who record, manipulate and mix music.

Music producer’s role is to make sure that the production, doesn’t matter if it’s a song production, album or music for movies, it gets done in a professional matter.

A music producer is a person of many roles who take care of many aspects of the production.

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Some of the producer’s roles are:


The recording stage is the one role that needs to be done right, the source
material is the one most important element in a music production process
that if done wrong, the end result most of the times will show it.

In the recording stage the producer will usually start recording the basic ideas of the song, then add channels as needed.
Recording music



The mixing stage comes after the recording stage, the producers takes all
the channels he recorded and mix them together to one final stereo channel.

The mixing stage consists of different processes and manipulations
such as EQ cleaning and boosting, leveling and panning, compression and etc…


Audio Mixing



The mastering process is more or less like cleaning your panels after you
finish painting your walls at home, it means you take your final mix and polish it.

By polishing it, what it really means is taking a final mix and make it ready
for use on different speakers, the mastering process makes the music
so it can pretty much the same on different audio systems and speakers.

To get the best master you need good final mix with enough headroom for the mastering process.

Audio Mastering

A music producer should know and be familiar with every aspect of the
production process, has to have good musical background and have to
learn new production technics on an ongoing basis.

Most of all, the music producer needs to have fun and love his job and love music.

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Shlomo Man

Shlomo Man is an electronic music artist, music producer and graduate of the Yohav Gera Sound Engineering Academy in Israel.

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