Why Would You Want To Be A DJ?

Job satisfaction is a phrase that most people are well aware of but the amount of individuals who can truly say they have it is guaranteed to be much less.

Some people manage to work in the subject area of their true passion in life and although this is sometimes due to being in a privileged position it is often as a result of consistent hard work over a number of years.

The music industry is a great example of an area that is notoriously difficult to get started in and to then make a lasting impact.

It is tricky enough for the singers and musicians to get somewhere in the business and it is rarely much easier for those trying to carve out a career as a full-time DJ.

Anyone can buy themselves the necessary equipment before putting a playlist on at a party but to gain any kind of true recognition or acclaim as a DJ it takes a lot more than this.

If you can master the likes of loop construction and mixing beats and you know how to respond to what a crowd wants then there are so many things to enjoy about being a DJ.

Making a living from your love of music

There are a few prerequisites for being a DJ and a passion for music that goes beyond the norm has to be at the top of the list.

The days spent trawling through the records in the shop or trying to track down that exclusive mix of a song will stand you in very good stead as a DJ.

You can dedicate masses of your time to listening to new artists safe in the knowledge that it is all in the name of your job.

The energy from the crowd

Being a DJ grants you access to some great venues and occasions and you will certainly feel valued knowing how big a part of it you will be.

You are the one responsible for setting the mood and building the atmosphere with the tracks you play and if you get this right then the energy and reaction from the crowd will be a huge rush.

Making a name for yourself

There are world-famous DJs that almost everybody has heard of but even if you do not come close to matching them you can really build a reputation in this line of work.

The social side of being a DJ is terrific and it is enjoyable being able to make so many connections with people.



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